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Long Island Bus Update 7/23/16

At 10:30am the busses left camp and are making their way to NY.  This is about an hour and a half later than they would normally leave camp.  Our bus company is based out of Maine and when they were heading to camp this morning they were delayed due to a tractor trailer accident that blocked the highway.  None of the busses were involved, they were only delayed with the rest of the traffic.  We will keep you posted on news update and Facebook page with updates and ETA’s to Holy Trinity High School throughout the day until they arrive.  Please feel free to call the camp office if you would like any updates on the busses.  Thank you for choosing Bernadette & Fatima for your children and we do apologize for the inconvenience that this may cause you.

Bus Update
3:00pm – Busses have arrived at the lunch stop.  We will post again when they leave and give you an initial ETA.

4:00pm – Busses are leaving rest stop and heading to NY.  Initial ETA is 6:30pm

5:00pm – ETA is still 6:30.  Will post again with updates if there is heavy traffic, etc.

6:37pm – Long Island Busses have arrived!