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2020 Camper Engagement


2020 Camper Engagement

Below are some of the videos and podcasts that our Bernadette and Fatima staff have been creating to keep you entertained in our summer away from camp. Be sure to check back in as more content is added and for updates on ongoing contests for campers.

Camp T-Shirt Contest 2020

Our shirt design contest has been narrowed down to two finalist designs for each camp! Vote below to choose your favorite designs. The winning shirts will be available for purchase from our online camp store, with all funds benefiting the camps covid-19 relief fund!


Camp Bernadette Videos

Video 1: The Pinecone Song
Video 1: Lake Wentworth July 4th Boat Parade
Video 2: Bernie/Fatima 4th of July
Video 3: Camp Bernadette Song
Video 4: Camp Bernadette Graduates
Video 5: History of 83 Richards Rd.
Video 6: Camp Bernadette Sing Along
Video 7: Gooooood Morning Bernadette: Head Staff Video

Camp Fatima Videos

Video 1: Camp Fatima American Revolution
Video 2: Fatima Movie Review: The Lego Movie
Video 3: Camp Fatima Shrine
Video 4: Session 1 Closing Pep Rally
Video 5: Cookin’ With Sharkey: Grilled Cheese
Video 6: Bernie/Fatima 4th of July
Video 7: Camp Fatima Song
Video 8: Camp Fatima Pep Rally
Video 9: Cookin’ With Sharkey: Chicken Patties
Video 10: Camp Cooking: Breakfast Pizza
Video 11: Trailer for Bonongo Ball 30 for 30: Fatima’s Game
Video 12: Camp Fatima: Virtual Morning Dance

Camp Fatima Summer Reading Podcast

In need of some summer reading? We have begun our Summer Reading Podcast! Each episode will feature a Fatima Staff member reading from Wonder by R.J. Palacio.

Goodnights and Taps:

Throughout the summer, we will be recording podcasts of our goodnights and taps. If you missed any of our episodes on Facebook, they can all be found here. Be sure to check back in over the course of the summer as we record more new episodes!