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Camper FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions from Campers

You can if you want to, but whatever you pack your belongings in is fine.  Some do use trunks.  Others pack their stuff in big duffle bags, suitcases.  Another option that families are using are the big Rubber Maid containers that you can find at a Walmart or Target.

We encourage you to communicate with your family by sending letters home.  Some parents won’t even send a care package until they get a letter from their son or daughter!  Be assured that if there are any emergencies we will notify your parents and we would never stop you from talking to them.  We just strongly discourage phone calls during your time at camp!

During your time at camp, you will have swimming every day and hopefully you will be a much stronger swimmer by the end of your session.  All of our lifeguards are Red Cross Certified and can help you overcome any fear of the water while helping you become a better swimmer.

During your session at camp, all campers are technology free.  Your parents are probably happier to hear this than you are…but trust us, you will survive!  You will be too busy with your daily activities and meeting and making new friends to miss your screen time.

Both camps offer a wide variety of land and waterfront activities. We try to make sure that you try all of our activities at least once during a two-week session. At the same time, we offer free time during the day so you can do whatever you enjoy most. Our schedule gives you a chance to try things that you might not otherwise be able to do, while also giving you the opportunity to excel at your favorite activities.

Each cabin houses approximately 12 campers and two counselors. Cabin mates get to know each other very quickly because they play, eat and usually hang out together. No wonder so many lifelong friendships are forged at camp! The cabins have electricity and Camp Fatima’s cabins include a toilet and sink. Additional facilities include shower rooms, dining hall and a health center.