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COVID-19 Information and Guidelines



Information, Guidelines, and FAQs


As we prepare to open for our Summer 2021 camping season, we would like to do our best to communicate any changes to our camps and policies to allow for you to plan your upcoming summer. We are currently operating under the NH “Safer at Home” guidelines for overnight summer camps. These policies are subject to change, and we will do our best to communicate those changes and what they mean for our camping programs.

If you would like to review the Safer at Home Guidelines that we are planning to open under, they can be found here. With those guidelines in mind, we have instituted the following policies for the 2021 camping season:

  • Seven days prior to arrival at camp, all campers, staff, and volunteers must be tested for COVID-19 using a PCR based test taken through a person’s normal healthcare provider. Results must be back before a person can arrive at camp and nobody may arrive to camp who tests positive. 
  • Pre-arrival screening of campers and staff must be done in the 7 days prior to arrival at camp and upon arrival at camp
  • All staff and campers must be tested again for COVID-19 upon arrival at camp.
  • All campers and staff staying more than two weeks need to be tested again on day 7 of their stay. 
  • All campers and staff will undergo daily COVID-19 screening and have their temperature taken daily.
  • Campers and staff who show COVID-19 symptoms will be isolated and those exposed to a person who is symptomatic will be quarantined. Isolation and quarantine facilities will be set up on the camp premises. Naturally, anyone testing positive for COVID-19 at camp would need to leave camp. 
  • Campers arriving to NH from out of state must either quarantine in NH, or attest to home quarantine in their home state, in the 14 days before the start of the camp session. Staff will quarantine at camp two weeks prior to campers arriving.
  • Campers will be placed into small cohorts not exceeding 8 campers per cabin. 
  • Campers may not arrive to camp on buses or planes and must have direct to camp / direct to home transportation. (No Long Island bus transportation).
  • Parents / Guardians must remain in their cars when dropping off and picking up campers.

Additionally, for this summer we have created a $300 COVID-19 Surcharge per camper per session in order to cover the increased expenses of operating within a COVID environment.

Below, we have some of our frequently asked questions regarding camp in a COVID environment. If you have any additional questions or concerns about the implementation of these guidelines, please don’t hesitate to contact the camp office.

When will registration open up for first time campers?

Registration for summer 2021 two-week sessions opened for first time campers on November 9th at 9:00. New camp families may register for any available sessions at this time

How does 14 day quarantine work if the school year goes right up to the start of the first session?

The current guidelines do state quarantining. School does not count as quarantine. NH residents are exempt from this, again, under current guidelines.

Can parents take campers out for the day between sessions?

Many parents have elected to visit between sessions in previous summers. Unfortunately, in 2021, under the current guidelines, there will be no visits allowed.

Will we have to re-quarantine post the camp when returning to our home state?

That depends on your home states individual guidelines regarding travel from New Hampshire.

Is starter camp happening next year?

Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer Starter Week for Summer 2021 under our guidelines. We hope to bring back Starter Week for Summer 2022.

Will there be designated pick up and drop off time to prevent bottlenecks on the camp road?

We are currently discussing this and a tiered drop off and pick up time are certainly being explored – we anticipate that is something we will likely be doing.

Will campers at Fatima and Bernadette get to see each other during camp?

Under our current guidlines, we will not be able to host Bernie/Fatima days for this coming summer.

What do they mean by car to camp?  We live over 3 hours away, how can we travel without stopping?

There is nothing in the guidance that says bathroom visits are disallowed.

Why not administer a rapid test when they arrive for faster results?

NH does not allow rapid testing at this point. 

If a camper has symptoms sniffles which could be allergy related will they need to be isolated?

Nursing staff would monitor for other COVID symptoms; known allergies should be revealed to staff / nurses. 

Will all activities still be offered?

We will be running most activities as usual, limiting indoor activities, requiring cohorts that engage closely to wear masks.  We will be implementing cleaning and sanitizing procedures between each activity and group.

Are you accepting international campers?

We can accept international campers if they are able to follow quarantine guidelines in NH for two weeks prior to arrival at camp.

When you say normal health care provider for testing before camp... can you use a walk in clinic if you can’t get an appointment with your child’s normal provider?

Yes, you may use a walk in clinic for your testing before arriving at camp and then provide results to us.