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Paying for Camp

Paying for Camp

Camp Bernadette and Camp Fatima work hard to ensure that camping remains an affordable option for the average family. We are able to do this in part because of our dedicated camp staff, loyal volunteer groups (Exceptional Citizen’s Week Volunteers, NH Knights of Columbus, local Catholic School Groups, etc.) and generous benefactors and donors.

While we ask that camp payment is made in full by the start of the camping season, we are happy to work with any family in need. Please contact the camp office to make payment arrangements. You may also want to consider the following ways to save money on camp tuition:

1. Apply for Third-Party Scholarships & Grants: Many families apply for and are awarded scholarships or grants that they have found online. If you are a NH resident and belong to a Catholic Parish, be sure to contact your pastor about the Hall Trust Scholarship that is given by the Diocese of Manchester each spring.

2. Apply for a Camp Scholarship: Scholarships are awarded through our needs-based financial aid program which ensures all children have access to an amazing camp experience. Scholarships are made possible solely through the generosity of some loving members of the camp family and benefactors who realize the benefit of our camp experience for children. Please contact the camp office to receive a scholarship form. Since resources are limited, we ask you to consider the following as you make your request:

  • Prayerfully consider the maximum portion of the camper fee you are able to pay.
  • Please help us spread the word of camp and recommend camp to at least one friend.
  • We believe that a personal investment helps campers value their experience. Even if the amount is minimal, encourage your camper to make a contribution towards the cost of camp. Setting aside as little as $1 per week from now until the start of camp will help your camper feel more invested in the experience.
  • If we are unable to provide the full amount you request, we will be happy to work out an installment plan if that will make payment easier. We will process your application in a timely and confidential manner, and you will receive confirmation indicating your awarded amount. Grants are awarded after non-competitive evaluation of data, based on demonstrated need. The completion of this form does not obligate the applicant nor Camps Bernadette and Camp Fatima in any way.