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Planning for Camp

Planning for Camp

What to Bring to Camp

Remember: Warm Days. Cool Nights.

For a two-week stay, we recommend:
Laundry Bag
Heavy Sweater and/or Jacket
Raincoat or Poncho
Personal Toilet Articles
Waterproof footwear
T-Shirts/Jerseys (10-14)
Sneakers/Shoes (2 prs.)
Shorts (4)
Towels (6 — for swimming & showers)
Pants (include one nice pair)
Flip Flops
Bathing suits (2)
Warm Pajamas
Sleeping Bag (or 3-4 heavy blankets and 3 sheets)
Pillow and 2 Pillow Cases
Stamped, self-addressed envelopes

What NOT to Bring to Camp

  • Please do not send your children to camp with money, expensive clothes or equipment (i.e. tennis rackets, iPods, radios, jewelry, cameras, portable chairs, mini refrigerators, DVD players, laptops etc). These items tend to get lost or damaged. If your child brings such items, the camp will not be responsible for loss or damage.
  • Please keep sports equipment at home. All sports equipment during your child’s stay is provided by the camp.
  • Due to insurance restrictions, bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades, cell phones and barber clippers WILL NOT be allowed in camp.

Tips & Resources

We strongly encourage that everything is labeled with a black sharpie or some type of label. We have partnered with Best Name Tape Label for your convenience. When ordering make sure to mention our name!

Looking for a sturdy reliable trunk or other camp gear? Check out Everything Summer Camp. Be sure to include the following codes when placing your order

Want to send an email instead of snail mail to your child while they are at camp? Please use this form for more information – Bunk1 2018 info sheet.