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2020 Cancellation FAQ’s

Anticipated Frequently Asked Questions:

Will I receive a refund?

If your camper was registered for this camping season (summer 2020), you will receive an email with specific directions and details regarding your refund. You will have 2 options:

Option 1: Your paid tuition will be carried over to the 2021 season. If you are paid in full you will have an opportunity to preregister for the same session you are currently registered for.

Option 2: Tuition refund: all paid tuition will be credited to your original card/pay source. To direct us on your preferred option, you will be asked to complete an online form by logging onto your account. To access your account, use this URL: to access your log-in screen. Please keep a lookout for a forthcoming email with more details. Please note there is a separate link for all CIT registrations-see below for details.

Can I reserve my child’s spot for 2021 with a deposit only?

No, to reserve your camper’s current session for 2021, your 2020 balance needs to be paid in full.

What if I have pending payments?

If you choose option 1 to secure your session for 2021, we will process any pending payments on June 1, 2020. If you choose option 2, tuition refund, we will delete any pending payments and refund all paid tuition.

If my child was registered for a specific session (e.g. Session 2) this summer, can we exchange that for different session (e.g. Session 3) in 2021?

No, you will not be able to carry over your registration to a new/different session. However, you may register for any new session during regular registration.

If I reserve my child’s spot for 2021, what division will my camper be in?

If you carry over your fully paid 2020 tuition, your camper’s 2021 registration will be carried over the appropriate age level division.

An email with registration instructions will be forthcoming.
Please note: We use a birthdate cut off of June 30th for all division assignments.
(e.g. – if you will turn 13 on 7/1/2021 you will be in our Intermediate Division during 2021)

Age (as of June 30th) & corresponding division
Age 6-10 – Junior division
Age 11-12 – Intermediate division
Age 13-14 – Senior division
Age 15 – Suite/Club 15 division
Age 16 – CIT

Please note: In 2020, the camp decided to try an age exception waitlist. This waitlist exception process required extensive efforts that resulted in very little accommodation. Please note that in 2021, there will be no age exception registrations offered.

If I reserve my child’s spot for 2021, when will I be able to preregister for the 2021 session?

If you choose Option 1, and decide to hold your 2020 session, with tuition paid in full, we will contact you with your specific date and the link to preregister. We are anticipating this to happen as early as September. Please mark your calendars for September 2020 and keep a lookout for emails.

What are the 2021 Session & Registration Dates and Tuition rates?

In light of the current pandemic, we will not be raising our tuition cost.

2021 Tuition: $1450.00 (full session) / $725.00 Starter Week/Special Needs Week 

2021 Session Dates:
Special Needs Week: Sunday June 13th until Friday June 18th 2021
1st session: Sunday June 27th until Saturday July 10th 2021
(Starter week being from Sunday June 27th until Saturday July 3rd)
2nd session: Sunday July 11th until Saturday July 24th 2021
3rd session: Sunday July 25th until Saturday August 7th 2021
4th session: Sunday August 8th until Saturday August 21st 2021 (Starter week being from Sunday August 8th until Saturday August 14th)
EC Week: Sunday August 22nd until Saturday August 28th 2021

When can I register for 2021 summer camp?

Loyal family (5+ years) registration – November 2, 2020
Loyal family 3 & 4 year returning family registration – November 3, 2020
Loyal family 1 & 2 year returning family registration – November 4, 2020
New Camper Registration – November 10 , 2020

*Loyal Camp Family Status For families who are not carrying over their tuition/registration to 2021 and are instead opting to register in November. As you know, we offer loyal family early registration dates for returning families, 2020 will be included in your status as returning camper. If you began camping in 2018 and were also here in 2019 and registered for 2020, you will be considered a three-year loyal family and register on November 3rd (again this is for any family who is not carrying over their registration & tuition).

My child was on the Camp Bernadette waitlist for 2020, how do we register for 2021, can I secure that now?

Please note that upon the uncertainty of COVID19, when cancellations came in, we did not make phone calls to avail the spot. If your child was on a waitlist for a session which had a camper cancellation and he/she would have received a phone call to register, you will receive a phone call from us offering you an opportunity to register at this time to carry over your registration to 2021.
If the spot would not have been available for 2020, your waitlist spot will not carry forward to 2021, and you will need to register for camp in the fall.

I received a camper scholarship this year, will that transfer to 2021?

If you are carrying over your registration payments and fees, we will honor your scholarship award. If you choose not to carry over your registration and are still in need of a scholarship, you will need to reapply for a 2021 scholarship.

Will my discounts (referral, partnership, etc.) transfer to 2021?

If you carry over your paid tuition and secure your spot for 2021, all applied discounts will carry over. If you reapply in 2021, you will need to request discounts as you did in 2020.

I purchased a Seize the Deal for 2020. Does this carry over?

Seize the Deal is always dependent upon availability. With this said, if you carry over your registration to 2021, your Seize the deal will be honored. If you need a new session in 2021, you will need to apply during registration. Of note, if needed, this certificate is transferable.

In 2021, my camper will be 16 by June 30th and he/she is interested in being a Counselor-in-Training (CIT). How should we proceed?

The CIT program involves an application process that will begin in the fall. If your camper is age-eligible for the CIT program, we will reach out to you with details on the application process. At this time, please visit the 2020 Refund Form to request a refund of your Suite/Club 15 payments.

2020 would have been my daughter/son’s Suite/Club 15 camper year, can they be in Suite/Club 15 in 2021 as a 16-year-old?

We are currently entertaining a one-week session in 2021 to be held for those who were registered as Suite/Club 15 in 2020. The week this would be: Sunday, June 20 – Saturday, June 26, 2021. For those who are eligible, please keep a lookout for a parent survey to assess interest. We are unable to offer regular season

Suite/Club 15 spots to our 16-year-old campers. At this time please complete the 2020 Refund Form (an email with further instructions will be sent).

Will CITs accepted in the 2020 program be able to repeat a CIT year or will be able to be part of the 2021?

No, 2020 accepted CITs will not be able to be a CIT in 2021 as they will have aged out of that division. We do encourage these individuals to apply for a staff position for the 2021 season. An email will be sent to you in the fall with application information.

My child is registered as a CIT for this season (2020). How do I proceed with requesting a refund or making a donation?

To access your account and direct us in processing your paid tuition funds, please use this URL: Here, you will find a 2020 Refund Form.

Will the camps be open to visitors at any point this summer?

The camps are currently closed to everyone, with the exception of authorized personnel currently working on the property. In order to comply with NH stay at home orders as well as to help protect our small-town communities, we continue to maintain that our properties are closed. Gates are in place to restrict unauthorized access.

We are open to revisiting this policy in the coming weeks/months. In the event you need to reach the camp office, please call 603-931-5500.

Are the camps running any virtual programs?

At this time, we are currently planning virtual communications and engagement with our camp family. All engagement activities will be free of charge. Information on them will be shared via email and on our Facebook page.

How does this affect my EC Week acceptance, is it carried forward for 2021?

It is our intent for those campers accepted for ECW 2020 to be invited to apply for 2021. A separate notice is forthcoming to all invited campers. Invitations for ECW 2021 will go out in January.

When is ECW 2021?

ECW 2021 is Sunday, August 22 – Saturday, August 28, 2021

How can we help camp through this difficult season?

Please consider giving a donation, your gift will help ensure our camp operation for this season and our plans for a great camp season in 2021 as well.

To donate to one of our camps, please click below:

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