Camps Bernadette & Fatima

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Frequently Asked Questions about Camps Bernadette & Fatima

Where will my son or daughter be living?

All campers live in cabins and sleep in bunk beds. They will be bunked with up to 8 campers of their age and two counselors.

Can we request bunkmates?

Yes, campers can request to bunk with a friend as long as they are in the same age division. Just fill in the friend’s name on the bunk request line on the registration form and make sure that he or she requests you as well.

When can we visit our child at camp or call them during the session?

Visits and phone calls are discouraged during the session as we find that campers sometimes feel homesick after contact with home. If your child is staying at camp for longer than a single session, you may come pick him or her up during the change weekends between sessions. Be assured that we will contact you should an emergency arise.

I'm nervous that my child will get homesick. How can I prepare him/her for camp?

It is not unusual for children to feel homesick, but those blues usually pass quickly when they get engaged with friends and activities at camp.

What medical services do you offer?

Both camps have full-time nurses on site. Camp Bernadette is 5 minutes from Huggins Hospital in Wolfeboro and Camp Fatima is 25-30 minutes from Concord Hospital in Concord. Emergency response is less than 10 minutes at both camps.

How do you select your staff?

Many staff members are former campers and have completed our Counselor-in-Training program. Others are selected for their expertise and desire to work with children in the camping environment. Some staff members are selected from international placement agencies that draw from highly qualified applicants from all over the world. We hire them for their maturity, personal warmth and leadership skills. We always run reference and criminal background checks on all staff.

What kind of training does your staff receive?

Our staff members undergo an intensive, one-week training. We cover topics such as homesickness, behavior issues, character development, conflict resolution, emergency procedures, activity planning and child abuse.   As the camps are a part of the Diocese of Manchester, our staff and volunteers are required to complete an online child safety training and refresher training every three years.  Our waterfront staff receive certified lifeguard training from the American Red Cross, while our ropes/challenge and target sports staff are also trained and certified.  For the protection of campers and staff, our policy is that no staff or volunteer is ever to be alone in a one on one situation with a camper.

Is transportation offered?

We offer offer round-trip bus transportation for our campers in the New York area, leaving from Long Island, as well as pick up long-distance campers at the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport in Manchester, NH.

What kind of meals are served?

Our camps use a food service company that serves many New Hampshire schools. Breakfast may be pancakes & sausage or eggs & hash browns. Cold cereal and fruit are always available. Lunch may be cold cuts, hot dogs/hamburgers, grilled cheese and tomato soup, and a daily option of salad bar or peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. Dinner features kid favorites such as spaghetti & meatballs, tacos, turkey with mashed potatoes, etc. Again, a salad bar and peanut butter & jelly sandwiches are always available. We can also accommodate special diets (diabetic, gluten intolerance, vegetarian, etc.) with advance notice.

What do you do on a typical day?

Both camps offer a wide variety of land and waterfront activities. We try to make sure that every child tries all of our activities at least once during a two-week session. At the same time, we offer free time during the day for all campers to do whatever they enjoy most. Our schedule gives campers a chance to try things that they might not otherwise be able to do while giving them the opportunity to excel in their favorite activities.