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Why Work At Camp?

Working at Camps Bernadette & Fatima

A summer working with us at Bernadette & Fatima is an opportunity to change your life for the better. We can help you develop the skills necessary to attract future employers. While you’re teaching campers skills, they may just be able to teach you a little bit about how to be your best self.

To grow and succeed as a camp counselor – and in the rest of your life – it takes skills that not many other people have or have had the chance to practice. We teach both our campers and our staff how to excel at relationships, friendships, and careers. You will be more skilled in critical thinking and problem-solving, creativity, teamwork and collaboration, adaptability, communication, and leadership. As you develop and practice these 21st century skills, we’ll help you incorporate them into your resume and validate them with professional references and recommendations.

More importantly, working at camp is a chance to positively shape the future of others! You could inspire a young artist to create a painting they’ll hang on their wall for years to come; impart your passion for music, theater, or a specific sport; and help teach children how to be a better friend while preparing them for the world as a young adult.

Working at Bernadette & Fatima will likely be the hardest, and most rewarding, job that you will ever have. In one summer, you can make a lasting impact on the life of multiple children from around the United States and the globe.